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Living Enlightenment for the Sake of Others

Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006, 14:00 BST - 20:00 BST

spiritual explanation Enlightened teacher Dave Oshana invites you to open your heart to existence and thereby consciously enter into enlightenment - your natural state by birthright.

Oshana will make clear the inherent weakness of the "pick and mix" approach to modern "pay as you go" spiritual teachings is that it increases both confusion and self-obsession, the very enemies of spiritual liberation, and the tools of disinformation of the ego.

The remedy for this modern disease of spiritual narcissism is to take the focus away from ones selfish concerns, and become concerned with the spiritual lives of others and universal harmony (in this respect Oshana's approach resembles a fusion of Confucian and Taoist wisdom).

Oshana also recommends practitioner's of self-enquiry, the practice of asking "who am I?" popularised by Ramana Maharshi and modern advaita satsang teachers, meditate not only upon what is inside their head but what is outside it. Enlightenment with letting in the Creation and not excluding it. This secret principle is made clear now only by Oshana.

Bring your cherished beliefs, and find out the truth, by turning them inside out to reveal if they are real gold or fools gold. Fans of Edward de Bono's "lateral thinking" and "The Work" (Byron Katie's Four Questions) will be pleasantly astounded at how very much more there is to the spiritual path and life.

Participants are recommended to attend Oshana's earlier open teaching Achieving Enlightenment, Cosmic and Planetary Harmony on 14 Aug at Mysteries Bookshop, Covent Garden. Oshana will also be available for a few private one-to-one meetings a few days before this event and before returning to Finland where he currently resides.

To register and receive orientation instructions, please contact OshanaOffice-UK

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