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Guided Transmission Meditation

The Enlightenment Transmission Experience

Date: Sat, 13 May 2006, 13:03 EET - 14:33 EET

o-meditativeThe Enlightenment Transmission Experience is a silent, distraction-minimal, monthly pure transmission event.

Participants arrive in silence, sit (or rest) in silence and leave in silence.

The Enlightenment Transmission Experience is the spiritual fifth element of the cutting-edge Oshana Spiritual Training Program. It balances the practical (energy-exercises, enlightened lifestyle and energy-food diets) and theoretical elements (clear explanations, models and understandings).

Previous Enlightenment Transmission events have been eagerly anticipated, extremely popular and well-attended. Therefore pre-registration is required to guarantee a place as the meeting hall is sometimes full.

Everyone is invited to pre-register. If have never registered for an Oshana Spiritual Training event (such as, an Intensive) then some brief information about your spiritual path, goals and health would be appreciated.

Orientation and guidance will be sent to all participants by email a few days before the event. If email is not suitable then please advise us how best to inform you.

Contribution: 15€

Please arrive by 11:33 so that you have time to register and get comfortable. We aim to start at 12:03 prompt.

You may bring a cushion for added comfort.

You are recommended to follow the Intensive Preparation advice if you can.

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