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Between Heaven and Earth: Your Self

Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006, 13:00 EEST – Sat, 15 Apr 2006, 19:00 EEST

spiritual explanationStarting on Good Friday, a special 2-day Easter Spiritual Intensive in the Oshana Spiritual Training Program calendar. Become more fully absorbed in the continuous union with your true self, as Oshana leads us through a variety of inner self-discovery techniques and non-techniques.

Find your place in the inner and outer universes - between heaven and earth and within Consciousness.

Ejecting away from the gross material sensory realm, whilst always remaining grounded, using the launchpad of the Oshana Spiritual Training Program, whose elements (briefly) are:
  • clear intellectual understanding
  • energetic balance in all aspects of practical life
  • energy-exercises
  • enlightened transmission
Therefore, it is anticipated that this Intensive will comprise of a mixture of questions and answers, explanations, energy-exercises and silent transmission (according to the needs of the group and time available).

Participants will also find this intensive to be a valuable preparation for future Spiritual Transmission Training Retreats.

This Spiritual Enlightenment Intensive is especially recommended for Gateway to Enlightenment program participants.

Eligibility is open to anyone who has previously attended one of the following events:
  • Evening of Awakening
  • Enlightenment Introduction
  • Oshana One-to-One meeting
  • Energy-Work Intensive
  • Weekly Energy-Work Practice
  • Enlightenment Transmission Experience
New students are invited to email some details about their spiritual path, goals and health.

Overseas students should enquire about the Oshana Intensive Preparation Process well in advance of the event and before booking flights and accommodation (this intensive is non-residential).

Your contribution: 110€ for 2 days (or 60€ for Day 1 only)

Orientation and guidance will be emailed to all registrants a few days before the event. You are recommended to follow the Intensive Preparation advice if you can.

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