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Free Lecture

What Are Spiritual Teaching Transmission Experiences?

Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006, 13:00 EEST - 15:00 EEST

spiritual_teacher_explainsFor the first time ever, spiritual teacher Dave Oshana will dedicate an entire lecture to describing how the Spiritual Enlightenment Teaching Transmission has transformed seekers fortunate enough to have contact with it.

The Spiritual Enlightenment Teaching Transmission, an invisible non-physical emanation of timeless wisdom from the Source of Everything is capable of rapidly accelerating spiritual growth and psychic development.

Those who have been fortunate to witness it testify to experiences of bliss, expanded states of consciousness and a spontaneous ability to positively affect others.

The short and long term effects, too numerous to describe fully here, also include emotional detoxification, spontaneous healthy living, thought-clearing and the ability to see astral lights.

These little-reported phenomena, known fully only to a few Oshana Teaching organisers and those who have directly experienced them, have been the subject of much excited talk. The beginnings of these reports were first detailed on Oshana's original web-site several years ago until the task of updating so many reports became too much work. Since then, Oshana who initially brushed off the stories has been loosely-tracking some of the more common and measurable experiences. In this Introduction he will report some of the findings.

This meeting will be of interest to those who have had their own private experiences of the Spiritual Enlightenment Teaching Transmission as well as those who are simply curious to know what the excitement it is all about.

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Free Entry. Donations welcomed.
Please arrive early to gain entry and a seat.
Doors will be shut when meeting starts.
Meeting in English.

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