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Why You Hurt The Ones You Love Most

Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010, 18:00 - 19:30
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You don't want to hurt those who love you but you do. It's so common today that it seems normal. But you know life is not supposed to be this way and you can change it.

o red wood house  Most suffering is caused by fights. Human relationships are frequently tragic, disastrous or unfulfilling. Is it possible to skip the drama, overcome the boredom and find deep, long-lasting satisfaction? This online class goes directly to the heart of the matter and explores the causes of interpersonal conflicts and maps out a unique, but not completely pain-free, solution.

Why does it happen that when you get close to someone that you or they start to behave weirdly? Why does love turn to hate? Why do people suddenly close down?

You aspire for the ideal relationship but strangely you can't achieve it.
Is there a way? Yes, there is.

Hear more about this fascinating subject when you book this live class online at daveoshana.com. Live classes will resume from 24th October 2010.

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Dave Oshana is a spiritual teacher who teaches a fully comprehensive belief-free results-based spiritual system which involves direct experience and practical living.

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