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Mind-to-Mind Transmission

Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005, 11:03 EEST - 12:33 EEST

energy-work explanation hand positionOshana has arranged a special Transmission Intensive at short notice.

There are times when the beneficial, transformative effects of the Transmission are particularly noticeable. Now is one such time.

For the past 12 months Oshana's teaching programme has focussed increasingly upon correcting the most prevalent seeker misunderstandings about spirituality realities. Crucially, one misunderstanding can lead to lifetimes of ineffectual seeking. Proper knowledge is an antidote for spiritual ignorance.

However, the Enlightenment Transmission is the royal, kingly and also only way to prepare the way for Enlightenment to strike - to wake up the sleeping soul from within its mentally constructed and obstructive casing.

Students who have become thoroughly familiar with the effects of Transmission are able to discern its contact and catalyzing action their lives and experiences. However, all students, both new and senior, have in recent times, not had the luxury to focus exclusively upon the Transmission effects during classroom teaching.

To balance this situation, Oshana has made available this special Transmission Intensive.

The expression Mind-to-Mind Transmission is borrowed from more ancient spiritual tradition, as are most terms, in this case: Zen. However, an understanding of Zen is not a pre-requisite, and may even be a hindrance since the practice of Zen has been the subject of much modification and diversification.

The Mind-to-Mind Transmission is not about delivering mental concepts to the mind but a breakthrough in understanding. In a sense this can only be achieved by freeing the mind from concepts not by adding to them. The energetic basis for this breakthrough, or indeed soul break-out, has been explained in recent Enlightenment Teaching meetings, and is the basis for the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

This meeting structure is a trial experiment. It may serve as a proto-type for the future schedule structure where conceptual teaching is separated from transmission relay. Or it may never happen again.

This special Transmission Intensive is open to students who have attended an Oshana Spiritual Enlightenment Intensive without qualification.

Special applications may also be considered from new students who have attended other Oshana teaching events, for example, the weekly Oshana Energy-Work Classes.

Seekers and serious practitioners from other traditions may also apply but should describe their background and what their motivation.

Contribution: 15€

Please arrive by 11:33 so that you have time to register and get comfortable. We aim to start at 12:03 prompt.

You may bring a cushion for added comfort.

Intensive Preparation advice applies.

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