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Enlightenment and Everything That It Involves

Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005, 11:00 EEST - 17:00 EEST

teaching_portrtaitEnlightenment and Everything That It Involves is more than an intellectual insight into Enlightenment, but an experiential enquiry led by Oshana via interactive dialogue.

Popular ideas about Enlightenment are frequently simplistic and erroneous. Not only do they give a false impression of what enlightenment is, but mislead the seeker into searching for something which either does not exist or is not the real thing. Students need to understand that enlightenment is not a thing which will be added to their life, but a total transformation which creates an irreversible identity change.

Fortunately, (or perhaps fortunately) this irrevocable process, does not happen by accident. If, hypothetically, it did then the ego structure of the "transformed individual" may be irreparably damaged and rendered non-functional.

Another rare, and typically under-appreciated, fact is that enlightenment is going to cost you everything that you have and sacrifice all that you believe that you are. While enlightenment is definitely worth having, indeed an essential life requirement, it is not to be taken lightly as if it were a Disneyworld ride.

Getting clear the right ideas about enlightenment is going to save you a whole lot of heart-break, frustration and suffering.

Eligibility for this Intensive requires advance booking and attendance of at least one Introduction or one-to-one meeting.

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