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Release, Relax, Open & Let Go

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005, 13:00 EEST - 17:00 EEST

This Intensive provides an essential grounding in the fundamental basics of the Oshana Energy-Work Method and moving meditation. A useful revision for advanced students and a solid structural foundation for first-time practitioners. It is also an ideal way to experience the healing power of the Transmission and gain effective techniques to get this energy moving in your daily life.

You will learn how to clean, repair and strengthen essential bodily energy channels. This is also a good way to experience unique Oshana's teaching style and prepare for an Enlightenment Intensive.

This event involves many practical exercises so please bring loose cotton clothes and water. You will also find it useful to follow at least some of the preparation advice on our Intensive Preparation web-page.

This meeting will involve teaching by physical example, and will be mostly in English.

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