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Going Deeper - Into the Heart of Enlightenment

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005, 11:00 EEST - 17:00 EEST

teaching_portrtaitThis first Enlightenment Intensive of 2005 is an extra special meeting, specifically dedicated to existing enlightenment students and arranged to take advantage of the "quiet period" after the winter holidays.

The new teaching schedule was originally timetabled to start in February with the busy Minä Olen Fair, so that everyone had time to rest and prepare for it. In addition, Dave Oshana recently travelled overseas (several times) and taught in London, and we thought he needed a break.

However, this was not to be as planned! Oshana wanted to teach earlier, since there are certain times when it is right to do things (like energy-work as the sun is coming up).

Now, in the heart of winter, as we come out of the darkest period, is the time to find the inner light which will illuminate the spiritual path for 2005. Already, that process has started with some ground-breaking meditation work, as Oshana guided us into natural meditation following the correct understanding of the true self and our lines of energy connection with the universe.

We now have the opportunity to go deeper into enlightenment, which means simply to open ourselves to what is, without any concern or reference to who we think we are. In this way we can discover in every moment what is enlightenment, and what is our present incarnation learning from life and the creation.

Now is also an ideal time to get a clearer understanding of the fundamentals, and the subtle nuances, of the unique Oshana Enlightenment Teaching. Prepare yourself. Gather any questions which you cannot answer, burn them in the fire of the Transmission and go deeper into yourself - and your destiny.

Eligibility requirement: Attendance of at least one Intensive (or one-to-one meeting) and advance booking.

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