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Out of The Darkness, Into the Light

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005, 13:00 EEST - 17:00 EEST

Life is waiting to burst forth from beneath the frozen surface of the Earth.

In this Intensive we will contact the source of light and life within. True meditation is a paradox which can only happen spontaneously in the presence of an enlightened person.

In apparent stillness and quiet a dynamic revolution evolves - the contacting of the vibrant life-force within.

Our setting - a few weeks after the quietest, darkest month in Finland - where all life above the ground seems to have retreated into hibernation is a particularly appropriate metaphor, as we prepare for the intense burst of life which will climax in the Summer Retreat (the farmhouse accommodation on the Summer Retreat is already almost fully pre-booked).

Eligibility for this Intensive (15 Jan 2005) requires advance booking and attendance of at least one Introduction or one-to-one meeting, and in some cases advice and a demonstration of basic understanding knowledge of the Oshana Teaching.

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