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The Minimalist Enlightenment Path

Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010, 18:00 EEST - 6:00 EEST
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Every concept leads to a new thought. Each new thought creates more seeking. The Minimalist Enlightenment Path avoids creating concepts but directs the seeker of self-realisation directly towards the goal: the Self, the origin of Self-Consciousness.

o red wood house  Each concept, every thought creates a new search. It's like endlessly surfing the internet, links lead to more links, articles to more articles and search engines to every new site - it's all as endless as the human ability to create more ideas.

The spiritual marketplace is multiplying concepts at an exponential rate. Speculations upon speculations, just like an internet forum. There is no universal quality control and any kind of enforced standard would simply be mental tyranny.

How to break from the tangled web of spiritual gossip, fantasy and dangerously wrong erroneous thinking?

Simply by having a spiritual guide who can lead you into direct perception, who can avert you away from time-wasting pitfalls and false turns and give understanding of everything which he has discovered.

Your spiritual teacher has to know the reality of what they teach. A second-hand preacher, a slave to authority, a person fixed in a particular way is a graveyard for vital seeking.

The Minimalist Enlightenment Path is direct, true and avoids self-deceptions and distractions. Join me on the minimalist path. Time is running out for every human being.

Be the first to book your classes at daveoshana.com. Following class is Sunday 15th Oct "Varieties of Emptiness".

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Please be aware that the Enlightenment Transmission is extremely powerful, so make sure you drink enough water and take a relaxed posture, preferably on your back with cushion under you head and knees.

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Class Duration: 1 hour +
Price per listener: 15€ via electronic bank transfer (suitable for Finnish bank account holders) (Paypal 16€ - an additional 1€ is added by Paypal's admin fee. Paypal button can be accessed from daveoshana.com bookings page)

Practical Details

But that are some practical details that you should test NOW, and well before class, to ensure that you are in the front row and comfortably tuned in. It's all rather simple. Even an old Windows 98 user can tune in. And your PC probably has everything that you need if you have listened to music or watched film online.

You are recommended to install Firefox browser - if you have not already. Install your Flash Player only when your browser is closed.

1. You need Flash Player
2. Only if you don't have one already, you need to register a username account with daveoshana.com (free and simple)
3. Activate your account via the account activation email link (check your spam box or use the contact form if you don't receive one)
4. Test the media players, to see if you can hear whatever is playing now (probably the most recent AUDIOcast)
5. Be logged in 1 hour before class when we switch audio streams and see which player plays best.
6. Relax and listen. You're in!

If for any reason you cannot use Flash Player to listen to the online class or replays them contact us and we might be able to support the use of an alternative embedded browser media player. We recommend Firefox browser.

Dave Oshana is a spiritual teacher who teaches a fully comprehensive belief-free results-based spiritual system which involves direct experience and practical living.

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