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Detoxify, Unblock and Connect

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004, 12:00 EEST - 16:00 EEST

Health professionals consider the Oshana Energy-Work Method to be a superior system for cleaning and strengthening the body's energies. It is also an essential preparation for receiving the full benefits of Enlightenment Healing Transmission. It detoxifies impurities, clears blockages and restores energetic balance to the human organism.

This Intensive is the last 2004 Oshana course devoted solely to Energy-Work and developing the inner awareness and understanding that Enlightenment students (and therapists) need when dealing with various energies in everyday life.

This event involves many practical exercises so please bring loose cotton clothes and water. You will also find it useful to read Intensive Preparation .

Attendance of at earlier Oshana Teaching is not required but is strongly recommended. You will need to pre-register for this event via our Contact Subscribe Newsletter web-page.

The Oshana Energy-Work Method Intensive is almost full.

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