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The Myth & Reality of Living "The Power of Now"

Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010, 18:00 EEST - 6:00 EEST
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o white gaze Before you start selling up all your property to buy timeshares in "El Poder del Ahora (The Power of Now)" - should you check that the place actually exists and that the plumbing works first?

"The Power of Now" - it's not a new concept. It's as old as the hills and just as cheap. It existed before The Buddha was just a throb in dad's pants. It's been spanked and slapped about by Zen warriors and by savvy Wall Street moguls and network media execs. "Now" is trendy. Just how it became trendy I just don't know. How can something so ubiquitous be in such hot demand? It would be like Eskimos paying for ice!

There are lots of things on the spiritual scene which I don't understand but which others, apparently, do. Has the Emperor got no clothes? Yes, frequently, but not quite, this chap is a walrus moustached nudist with a perchance for wearing only chaps. Anyway, much stranger things have happened, like, people searching for The Now. I can see it now, along with expeditions to the Moon and Antarctica.

Yet, for all my jocularity, there is some kind of Now - it really does exist. I can take you there. I will take you to that place and then you can decide whether you really want the timeshare. Try it and see.

Listen in on this live online class if you are the tiniest bit interested in real Enlightenment - you won't be disappointed and you might leave with less than you went in with!

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Practical Details

But that are some practical details that you should test NOW, and well before class, to ensure that you are in the front row and comfortably tuned in. It's all rather simple. Even an old Windows 98 user can tune in. And your PC probably has everything that you need if you have listened to music or watched film online.

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6. Relax and listen. You're in!

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Dave Oshana is a spiritual teacher who teaches a fully comprehensive belief-free results-based spiritual system which involves direct experience and practical living.

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