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Why Spiritual Imitation Never Enlightens But Spiritual Autonomy Does

Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2011, 18:00 EEST - 6:00 EEST
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Imitating someone's idea of success is never a good idea even more so when it comes to spirituality. Since most people are inside their own gaol of illusion, what do they know? They don't. Breaking out into expanded vistas of conscious starts with spiritual autonomy – today.

6pm Helsinki - 4pm London - 11am New York - 10am Chicago - 8am Los Angeles

Imitation may be the best form of flattery but it won't get you an audience with God, Enlightenment or even a shoebox-sized room in Heaven. Why, when Creation gave you a unique face and wobbly bits, would you entertain imitating some mystic misfit's moves?


Yet, spiritual imitation is all around. It's in the air we breathe, more pervasive than a tribal convention of cockroaches in a slum and ten times harder to remove.


As a spiritual seeker your baby food wasn't love, light, truth and awakening but plastic, imitation and sucking-in and sucking-up.


Devotees on the dance floor are spotted by the fact that they are the ones that everyone makes a wide-berth around. It's time to be yourself and become a legend in your own lunchtime.


Imitation is the way of the old world, The Matrix. It represents the slaves path, and that ain't never ending in freedom. If you want self-realisation, liberation without qualification. Then you got to get jiggy with your own moves.


I am telling ya, imitation gets you no-where. And when you are old and wrinkly then you will have to move over and give space to those upcoming trendy spiritual types, the ones with the perfect spiritual designer threads, parfume, names and Calvin Kleins. Every spiritualist knows, your real identity starts with what you wear underneath those robes.


But I have something better, spiritual autonomy, it's the only way to fly. It's bold, it's audacious but in keeping with the Oshana Spiritual Enlightenment Tradition it's eminently do-able.


“Hey! Psst! Wanna be a Christ, Buddha or a Mary Magdalena?”


“Duh! Who me? Sure why not! Will I also get the shiny spiritual keyring fob, icon for my car dashboard, spiritual eau d'cologne and Calvin Kleins?”




“Sign me up, What do I have to do?”


“Stop wearing underwear. Dress in sack cloth. Join a celibate commune. Washes dishes until the end of your physical days.”

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