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Why Some People Get Enlightened and Why Some Don't

You have heard that some people have become Enlightened. But why has it not happened to you?

Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011, 18:00 EET - 19:30 EET
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You have heard that some people have become Enlightened. But why has it not happened to you? Dave Oshana reveals the truths and misconceptions about this essential spiritual seeker's issue.

6pm Helsinki - 4pm London - 11am New York - 10am Chicago - 8am Los Angeles

This has to be one of the most important and relevant issues for anyone who deeply cares about getting Enlightened, or, at the very least, not getting diddled around by treacherously false teachers, gurus with gigantic egos and sordid saviour types.

Concerning the spiritual marketplace: many people like to shop, some like to buy, but who on Earth ever questions their purchases? The serious, savvy, discerning seekers do!

Leave the hamster tread-wheel for those who are more interested in ideas, fashion, fortune-telling and trinkets than real spiritual enlightenment. Waking up, costs. The price is your illusions. Followers of fantasies and cloud-chasers have to stay within unreality to perpetuate their dreams.

If only a hair's breadth separates the unenlightened from Enlightenment then it must be a sticky hair, the kind that lodges itself in your throat and refuses to release its hold on your tonsils no matter how many furtive gag-inducing forays your fingers doth make to prise it.

Erudite readers of popular spiritual literature will immediately get my metaphor. “Aha, I know to what Oshana refers! It's that One Idea, that one and only Idea, which separates me from Enlightenment! I just have to remove it. If only I could find it! Where's my correction fluid? Sniff! Ahh, that's better I see more clearly. Life is going to be just fine!”

Of course, it's not so simple. The seeker cannot see that One Idea, it's type, make and model which binds them within the Ego. They can search, suffer, scripture-bash and sadistically meditate but it won't purge the little bugger. Ho ho!

Not knowing what that One Idea is, is a terrible disadvantage for shifting it. That One Idea is not simply a belief which you say with your lips. Nor if you could capture it in words could you simply uncreate it by avowing its opposite.

This is where the fun starts. This is the joy of spiritual teaching and it's better than sex.

If you ever find a sordid spiritual teacher or gluttonous guru enjoying food or sex more than spiritual teaching then you have found a fraud. Not that there is anything wrong with food and sex, it's just that they don't compare the absolute high of being connected to the Absolute. When you do you Lord's work, you get a bliss and a blast which is like nothing in this world, nigh like nothing within Creation.

The Ego is the best fiendishly brainteasing Rubik's Cube-like puzzle which you could present to an Enlightenment Teacher for his birthday. Flowers are nice, but dog-eared copies from The Power of Now genre are now passé. Ego's don't react well to books, or rather than relate too well, they tend to turn concepts into entertaining notions which provide temporarily respite from the daily drudgery of everyday depression. And then the party is over.

No! Books and concepts won't cut the mustard, just compress it. A living, lively teacher-student, guide-participant, interaction is required. The cut-and-thrust of a similarly agile and quick mind, freed from the binds of the Ego, is required to free you from your Ego-Identity.

But what of those who get Enlightened? How do they do it? How do they eject that One Idea which holds every seeker in the dark ages of the mind? Why do others not get so easily Enlightened?

This very important subject will be fully revealed in all its glory and opened up in the online class “Why Some People Get Enlightened and Why Some Don't” listen to it live on Sunday 26th June 2011 or book the audio replay which will follow a few days after.

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