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Enlightenment Transmission: Bring It On and Pass It Forward

Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011, 18:00 EEST - 6:00 EEST
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The complete answer to the question "How can I get Enlightened?" is to become a channel for that Energy which causes Enlightenment to happen, the Enlightenment Transmission. By doing so, you can help ensure access to the Transmission for future generations.

6pm Helsinki - 4pm London - 11am New York - 10am Chicago - 8am Los Angeles

"Make me a channel of your peace" is an enduring prayer attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi (although it has only been traced back until 1912). It's also the similar to the prayer I had prayed before Enlightenment. I offered myself to that which ultimately creates and sustains everything, God, in the hope that I would be completely used in doing good. I had no idea where it would lead. Being an Enlightened Teacher was far from what I had imagined for myself.

As I explained in the previous online class "Why Some People Get Enlightened and Why Some Don't" to be filled with the whole of existence, to experience yourself everywhere and inter-connected with everything, you have to first create a complete vacuum within your inner space (do not try this at home and do listen to the replay class first). You have to empty yourself of your old self. That's the price, the wholesale dissolution of your ego-identity.

Simply cutting out certain thoughts, or modifying your behaviour, is insufficient to shift the ego-identity. You need a positive force to push through the detritus of a lifetime of ignorance, conditioning and shut-down awareness. That positive force is the Enlightenment Transmission.

Whilst participants of Oshana Enlightenment Teaching events get regular blasts of the Transmission, the only way to get Transmission on tap, 24-7, 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, is to become a channel for it.

The Enlightenment Transmission can only be passed forward if it is embodied. My body's lifespan, as is yours, is limited. To keep the Transmission within existence on Earth, I need to pass it forward to those who will embody it. In this way the Transmission can continue to improve the lives of seekers, bring insight and ultimately the freedom resulting from Self-realization: Enlightenment.

My vision is that the Enlightenment Transmission will move through the generations far into the future. I am excited by this and magnetised to work towards it. The time of simply receiving the Transmission in small dosages is over. I want to see participants "put away childish things" and thereby become adults who can fully own the Transmission by being owned by it.

This will be the starting message of the class. It's a new, powerful and exciting development in the Enlightenment Teaching structure and I would not want you to miss it. Tune into the class to hear further revelations. Online classes will go on a break for the Summer and be back at the end of August or beginning of September 2011.

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