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Free Oshana Energy-Work Method Class

Experience a Spiritual Journey through your Energy Body with the Oshana Energy-Work Method

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011, 18:00 EET - 19:00 EET

Why watch a firework show when you can enjoy and unlimited and eternally interesting flow of lights, sounds and fascinating sensations within your own body's energy field?

The human body is held together by an intricate criss-crossing latticework of energy transporting lines which are vital for all life functions. The soul's intelligence infuses the body and enters the world of manifestation through the nexus of energy channels. These life-force channels provide the infrastructure for Creation at the substantial levels of existence. To consciously enter this unseen world, and witness the human body's maintenance system and connection to heavenly inspiration, is wonder to behold.

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Why watch a firework show when you can enjoy and unlimited and eternally interesting flow of lights, sounds and fascinating sensations within your own body's energy field? You will also be investing in your own health, self-understanding and spiritual growth. Your inner senses will happen and you know things just before they happen. You will become attuned to the wisdom of Heaven and the certainty of Earth.

The benefits of the Oshana Energy-Work Method are too numerous to describe here. Suffice to say that you will find that pains, stresses and problems will leave you and you will be forever grateful that you discovered this simple method. The process is so natural that it feels natural, effortless and right for you. Eventually you will graduate beyond the simple yet powerfully effective techniques and allow your own energies to guide your movements.

o energy swirl This free class will be a gentle, fun introduction to the Oshana Energy-Work Method and taught by the founder, Dave Oshana, specially for The Night of the Arts, in English. You can also learn by watching and experiencing, so it is not necessary at this stage to know English.

Finnish language Oshana Energy-Work Method classes are available several times per week, primarily in the Tuusula, Nurmijärvi and Järvenpää; area with instructor, Arto Neuvonen (see Oshana Energy-Work 2011 Events in Finland).

Dave Oshana mainly teaches the Oshana Energy-Work Method on Enlightenment Transmission Intensives and Retreats in Finland and specific Live Transmission Online Classes which you join over the internet and listen in the comfort of your own home.

Want Oshana Energy-Work Method in your area? Email us if you would like Oshana Energy-Work Method classes in your part of Finland. Dave or the OEWM are happy to consider new classes in new venues and with new groups.

Eligibility: Open to anyone.

Registration: Free event, no advance registration.

Preparation: Come as you are. Participants are expected to be alcohol and drug free.

Your contribution: Free. Don't bring anything but yourself and some drinking water.

Arrive early
Event in English

One-to-One Consultations
A limited number of personal One-to-One meetings with Dave will be available for those attending the Teaching events on non-group teaching days. Take this to chance clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes
Live online classes with Dave Oshana every Sunday are an ideal way to prepare for Introductions and Intensives, experience the benefits of Transmission, hear the latest Teaching and top up your bliss levels. Oshana Live Transmission internet classes and Dave Oshana online class replays can be booked at daveoshana.com

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