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Overcoming The Unenlightenment Addiction

Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011, 17:00 EEST - 18:30 EEST
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Why do you remain unenlightened?

5pm Helsinki - 3pm London - 10am East Coast - 9am Midwest - 7am West Coast

Discover useful answers, and practical solutions, so that you can become enlightened.

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Enlightenment is simply being what you truly are. Unenlightenment is an illusory state created by the ego. Like an evil person trying to enslave another by placing a Virtual Reality beanie over their head, the ego has presented you with a false identity. This fictitious identity state is maintained by fear.

Eventually, staying in the fictitious state is more comfortable than facing the manifold fears, chastisements and uncertainties which rise up when you question the realness of your ego. Ignorance is the bliss within which you can take comfort, especially as few people seem to be aware of the great hoax being played upon humanity. You would not want to stand out from the crowd, would you?

You want to go back to the fold, to become a salmon swimming with the shoal upstream, but you are not sure if you might be a lemming jumping off the cliff. So you are stuck in no man's land between not knowing and knowing that something is not right.

The peculiar feeling chases you and pervades your inner dreamscape.

Then you meet someone who is awake, who challenges the unreality which you cling to like a drunken man desperately grasps at what he hallucinates to be a gold bar (but is in fact his bodily wastes slipping into the dirty waters of the toilet below).

Your life becomes punctuated by moments of knowing followed by a desire for it all to stop spinning. Your addiction to unenlightenment keeps trying to pull you back to same-as-it-ever-was but reality is different, it is ever-changing and ever new.

Nauseous, yet? You will be when you make the final, heaving shift from life-as-it-always-seemed-to-be to life-as-it-really is. Because if bowels aren't evacuated in a timely fashion then emergency manoeuvres are indicated. Your life is running against the ticking clock of time. Time to spring forward.

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