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Passing on the Gift: Enlightenment Transmission Empowerment

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011, 12:00 EEST - 16:00 EEST

If you want it, then you can't have it. If you don't know what it is then you can't receive it. If you feign disinterest then you want it too much.

The Most Important Energy Ever:
The Enlightenment Transmission
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Empowerment is the passing forward of the Enlightenment Transmission so that it can continue on Earth to be of benefit to others. If you want to possess it for yourself then it will slip through your fingers.

This is not an ordinary event. It is not a teaching as such. It is an empowerment. It is not for everyone at this time.

My mission as a spiritual enlightenment teacher carries the responsibility of passing on the Enlightenment Transmission. This will happen in stages through Enlightenment Transmission Empowerment events.

You should only apply to this event if you have a special affinity with The Transmission. This a serious event not for entertainment or curiosity seeking. Please ask yourself why you would not want The Transmission? Realise that your whole life would change and with it the illusion of free-will and choice will be ruined.

Although, Transmission Empowerments could be rare, there is likely to be further possibilities in future. You might need to prepare yourself for that responsibility

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