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The Imitation and Substantiation of Love's Labours

Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Note: Euro clocks go back 1 hour next Sunday 30th Oct 2011 and so America get one hour longer in bed for 1 week only.

“Love hurts,” says the song. “Why does Love have to hurt?” Hollywood movies voice the question on most people's minds. But Love doesn't have to hurt.


Ironically and paradoxically, Love only hurts when it's limited. It's like almost everything -- squeeze it, confine it, frustrate it and it will become inflamed, engorged, irritated and may even explode. As a consequence, the greater the Love, the greater the pain. “Jesus wept” becomes the perverse battle-cry of the introverted narcissist whose self-love preoccupations guarantee that Real Love will never transgress the Ego's sealed sarcophagus. Truly, man and woman have converted their beautiful healthy body's into rotting carcasses to imprison prison the Soul.

Jesus wept not for himself but those who would never know nor live in Love's abundance. On the other hand, the spiritually dead only weep for themselves, eating themselves up in the destructive act of emotive self-autolysis. Grinding their soul's down into paste by the gnashing of complaining teeth. The proverbial fig tree which did not bring forth fruit was cast on the fire.

But it does not have to be like this. Like giving birth, it hurts at first as the canal is stretched beyond what seems possible, but the ensuing relief is palpable, the cosmos becomes tangible as peace descends with the Heavens to Earth.

Love is for using up. Real Love is not schmaltzy, glitzy, commercial, practical nor religious or any of the others ways which it is counted or dressed up for Christmas. If you get hypnotized by the label, you never will know the thing itself. Surrealists like René Magritte pointed out years ago that the representation is not the object. Yet, heads are full of representations. People like to live in their heads.

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Outside of the mind is a whole different world filled with real air, objects, hearts and Love. It's time to shut down your mental projection engine and step out of the inner cinema. The light might seem too bright and hurts your eyes at first. Allowing yourself to be a tool of Love may ache but your muscles will get used to it. In this world, which has always existed, Love is the only currency. Take every care not to bring the fake love coins because this is your reality, do not corrupt it and eventually you will exist only for Love. Your heart will be given and only in full giving will you receive. Love is not for itself but for others. Only by fully emptying yourself each day can you take in the Breath of Life.

  • What is Real Love?
  • Why do some say Love hurts?
  • What is it to fully empty yourself?
  • What does Loving others really mean?
  • Are Love's labours ever lost?

These are some of the questions answered in this inspirational journey with Love Live Transmission online class.

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