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Leave The Dead To Bury The Dead, Only The Living Can Help You Survive

Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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I come to wake you and bring you back to life.

Evade capture by low flying life-suckers on your ascent to the dizzying heights of nirvana. Ditch dead weight gremlins from your backpack and, unencumbered by useless concerns, march on upwards.


Are “they” raising you up or pulling you down?

“They” say that it's better the devil you know than the devil you don't know. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. The truth is much worse because You are sitting on a nuclear dump of trouble. Let's slide down to take a peek.

When Jesus said “Leave the dead to bury their own dead” he meant several this. Leave them. Do not follow them. Do not become like them. They are dead. They will bury their dead. They could bury you instead.

In this Live Transmission class you will start to practically discern what is alive and dead in your life and by so doing separate what is true from false, ego from Self, and thereby move your spiritual life out of the sticky dumps and into the smooth, unconstipated obstruction-free fast track.

The ideas in your head come from the spiritually dead. Even the loftiest religious teachings have become toxic. The masses are held together by enforced ignorance. Clear seeing is discouraged. Self-deprecation and self-abuse are lauded. Honesty and high values are denigrated.

Souls are living seemingly within bodies which do not do their bidding but instead march to the commands of the Ego. Every contact with the spiritually dead reinforces the negative programming. People remain confused by using languages which they neither understand the concepts nor the consequences.

Notice how the words, actions and vibes of others destabilises your centre by feeding the illusions in your head.

A person who is asleep will only know about the physical world if an awake person tells them. But if everything gets translated into dream constructs then the physical world will remain remote. If they are ordered to wake up they will dream of waking instead of actually waking.

The awake person has to somehow figure out how get the person out of dreaming. The dreamer has to keep contact with the dreamt representation of the awake person, a person who they have never accurately seen and therefore do not know. The awake person will get the dreamer to notice the illogicality and inconsistency of the dream world. This strengthens the dreamer's resolve to go to the limits of the dream world and test its boundaries. Eventually, the dreamer discovers that they are a dream construct within the dream world. Later, they notice that they are they must be that which is aware of the dream construct. Next, they discover that which is always awake. The contrast between awake and asleep, dream and real becomes so sharp that the false world dissolves revealing only the awareness, the projector light which allows everything to exist both dreamt and real.

You have a choice to stay in the dream supported by the spiritually dead who do not actually exist or to discover the truth about your life. The spiritually dead cannot and will not cause you to awake. Only an awake person can recognize your predicament and help you break out of the illusory prison. Be free. Breathe real air again.

You are the dreamer. I come to wake you.

Put awakening first.
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