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Winning Through Enlightenment

Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012, 12:00 EEST - 18:00 EEST

Life is unfair – but only if you don't know it!

The Game of Life offers no choice, you have to play. Each quality moment is your reward. Success is authentic self-expression. Suffering is self-repression. Enlightenment is enjoying your existence. The joy of an enlightened person is contagious. Enlightenment is catching. Catch your moment!

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This is not just a workshop intensive but an experiential journey. Enlightenment is real and real Enlightenment is for real people. You will be strongly affected by the transmission of Enlightenment, so please make quiet time before and after, and drink lots of pure water.

"Winning Through Enlightenment" takes a radically different Enlightenment Teaching approach. It places Enlightenment centrally in everyday life and asks the question "So what is Enlightenment good for and can I have some now?"

Note: If you have never met Dave before and want to attend then please meet Dave at the 22nd Feb free lecture "An Incomparable Offer to Receive the Gifts and Blessings of the Enlightenment Transmission" or contact OshanaFinland about preparing by listening to live online classes or class replays.

This Intensive is 6 hours duration including short breaks.

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