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Rude Awakenings: Premature Enlightenment

Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Premature Enlightenment – nothing to be ashamed about, enjoy it while it lasts.

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Nocturnal emissions - a problem for Taoists practitioners and Hollywood actors. It's the kind of involuntary act (or perhaps hope deferred) which reminds one of Britney Spears, singing “Oops, I did it again!” - the scourge of monastery cleaning ladies the world over, something shared in common with Premature Enlightenment.

“Premature Enlightenment” is typically applied as a derogatory term, by those would like to appear to know better (but clearly don't), to castigate and pigeon-hole fellow spiritual peers, who have had an actual mystical breakthrough whilst they are stuck with the rigor mortis of a cheap, nasty and inferior intellectual boner. Jealousy is well and truly alive in the hallowed locker-rooms of hierarchical spiritual elitist groups comprised wholly of spiritual virgins who have as much chance of dipping their beak in the feminine mysteries of existence as an English private schoolboy of avoiding a spanking fetish for life.

In this case the dictum applies:

Those who can, do
Those who can't, teach
Those who can't teach, write about those that do and teach.

Which is why I was called out of retirement to teach as soon as I got Enlightened (19th June 2000) and also to set the record straight about Premature Enlightenment.

Premature Enlightenment is neither a malady, nor a mistake, but instead a rather commonplace occurrence among the genuine seeking populace (not to be confused with the faken-it-til-we-makin-it majority philosophical poseurs). Premature Enlightenment is frequently confused with Full and Steady Enlightenment because of the dearth of authentic information about Enlightenment (one of the reasons why I must teach instead of slip away to live a pina colada life on a faraway tropical beach).

The so-called spiritual marketplace is a Fagin's paradise awash with the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Slippery purveyors with a consistent line in dodgy goods presenting an unedifying and confusing representation of Enlightenment which revolves around nudge-nudge-wink-wink Oxford Street-like auction scams which imply that Enlightenment is on offer but cannot be described, has never happened, could never happen and even if it did then it would not happen to anyone in particular and even if it could that such a person would never talk about it. Enlightenment is virtually impossible to find, they avow, but then claim to know Enlightenment teachers whilst tapping their nose. The key quality of such so-called Enlightenment teachers is that they never claim to be Enlightened and never take money. Sounds like a novel way for corrupt tour operators to exploit homeless people and make huge sums for being guides to remote ashrams and jungles in third-world countries - buy cheap, sell high is the motto.

I digress, but the wool has to be pulled back for the sheep to see. Time for a fringe haircut.

Premature Enlightenment-ists have started to see and cut through the nonsense of low-grade commercial spirituality (aka philosophy). They are apostates from run-of-the-mill spiritual groups and therefore treated with the kind of contempt meted out by so-called true believers during Inquisitions and witch-hunts.

Premature Enlightenment is a delicate state which is misunderstood and misdiagnosed. It is the baby-steps towards full adult spiritual self-hood, but, unfortunately, a taboo subject which is swept under the carpet like a smutty little secret. Premature Enlightenments are mini-awakenings, a normal stage of spiritual development as a seeker moves from spiritual immaturity to maturity. Handled inappropriately, Premature Enlightenment can develop into all kinds of dysfunctional problems including egotism, megalomania, shock, depression and frustration. But how ever the seeker processes their Premature Enlightenment, they can never forget it.

In this online class I will provide an understanding and description of actual Premature Enlightenments so that you can recognise them and act appropriately.

Note: This is an audio class which can be listened to on most computer systems. Prepare yourself by reading the Orientation which will be emailed to you upon booking. Lecture starts about 5:15pm (Helsinki time). Oshana Consciousness CD music starts playing at 4pm (Helsinki time) before class and continues after the lecture at approximately 6:20pm (Helsinki time). Please arrive early if you are new, on a new network or need technical support. Total talk time will be a minimum of 1 hour.

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