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Energy Clearing, Auric Sensing and Ambient Relating

Date: Sat, 26 May 2012, 11:00 EEST - 17:00 EEST

A powerful sequence of guided spiritual developmental openings and relationships with self and existence


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This 6-hour Enlightenment Transmission Intensive includes three essential experiential developments of the human spirit as it grows closer to the soul's enlightened state.

The first essential part of the developmental sequence is the clearing of mental obstructions, emotional stuntedness and energetic blockages. This is achieved by shifting the body's energy using classic and experimental movements from the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

The second developmental progression is the opening of the sensory gateways which interconnect in-the-moment-conscious with the present world. The first stage clearing allows for a distraction-free opening of the senses and an awareness of the auric fields.

The third sequence brings the human spirit into relationship with the Creation with the guidance of the soul instead of the mind (which is using old, dated concepts).

By clearing, cleaning and opening to ambient energies whilst firmly rooted in the soul's direction we can arrive at our true being, our immanent potential.

This is a practical, experiential workshop which shifts, clears and cleans old stuff and allows the receptivity and interaction of newly integrated awarenesses.

Those familiar with the powerful guiding effects of the Enlightenment Transmission will know to prepare. If you are new to this experience then feel free to enquire well in advance about attending and preparing for your spiritual life journey.

Contact OshanaFinland about preparing and attending.
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This Intensive is 6 hours duration including short breaks.


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