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Oshana Energy-Work Class

Essential Energy Body Cleansing Routine

Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2012, 10:30 EEST - 11:30 EEST

The human needs to release stress, toxins, stuck energies and obsessive thoughts.

The Oshana Energy-Work Method provides a total energy body cleansing solution for daily life. The sequence of physical, energetic and meditative movements can conveniently be practised as individual techniques or an integrated series.

The easy to learn techniques are completely safe and deeply effective.

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The Oshana Energy-Work Method is good for all people and can be practised in a variety of ways: slow, meditative, intense and cathartic.

Cleaning the body of stuck emotions, thoughts and energies is especially important for people who take on the stress of others, e.g. therapists, healers, medical workers, yoga teachers. The Oshana Energy-Work Method will give you a profound awareness of the interconnectedness of your body's parts.

Dave Oshana created Oshana Energy-Work to raise awareness, energy and sense of true purpose for spiritual seekers. The results, which easy to notice and highly effective include: healing, energy awareness, peace, profound joy, release and much more.

The 9.6 Energy-Work class is recommended preparation for the 9.6 Transmission Intensive. Participants will achieve will multiply their ability to understand the Intensive Transmission and Teaching and be fully relaxed from the beginning. Details for the Intensive are here Deep Meditation and Ego Release

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