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Deep Meditation and Ego Release

Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2012, 12:00 EEST - 16:00 EEST

Meditative states are an essential part of the spiritual path because they are basically human and divine at the same time. Meditation is happening all of the time but it evades a seeker when they try to enter it.

Around the Enlightenment Transmission and Teaching various meditative states spontaneously arise, taking participants on profoundly important spiritual journies which harmonise the mind and body and deliver relevant spiritual revelations.

In these meditative states parts of the Ego are released, which frees the person to express their authentic nature.

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It vitally important that spiritual states and realisation be integrated into daily life and action if their full value is to be attained. The guidance of an enlightened spiritual teacher and the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching is especially beneficial because real-time guidance and monitoring are achievable.

This Enlightenment Intensive we will include explanations, meditation, releasing techniques and time for questions and answers. Translation into Estonian from English is provided.

Note: The 9.6 Energy-Work class is recommended preparation for the 9.6 Transmission Intensive. Participants will achieve will multiply their ability to understand the Intensive Transmission and Teaching and be fully relaxed from the beginning. Details of the 9.6 Energy-Work class: “Essential Energy Body Cleansing Routine

New participants should contact OshanaEstonia via the contact-form to get special preparation advice as soon as possible.

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