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Free Enlightenment Day

Enlightenment Day: The Transmission Legacy

Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012, 17:45 EEST - 20:00 EEST

Remembering the Transmission on Enlightenment Day and passing on the legacy


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19th June is a Enlightenment Day, 12 whole years of Enlightenment. I will be celebrating this event privately with just a few seekers who have an interest in passing on the The Enlightenment Transmission Legacy. I am not sure yet if the event will be broadcast afterwards.

However, you can still catch some major points and spiritual kudos about this topic because the Enlightenment Transmission legacy will be the main topic of Sunday 27th May online class

Contact OshanaFinland to attend. This physical event is open to those who have attended an Intensive or Retreat, or several One-to-Ones or Online Classes, in the last two years.

Listen to live online classes or class replays.



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