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Free Enlightenment Transmission Teaching

Enlightenment Seeking Satisfied: Experience the Enlightenment Transmission for Yourself

Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012, 17:55 EEST - 20:00 EEST

Do you ache for Enlightenment? Are you hungry for spiritual liberation?

Of the millions of seekers who seek Enlightenment only very few become Enlightened. But, Enlightenment is attainable. I can show you what Enlightenment is because Enlightenment is within your conscious awareness. It's in your bones.

I became Enlightened over 12 years ago and it is my greatest joy to turn seekers on to the actually very simple truth that Enlightenment is available here and now. As proof, for those who earnestly, I will catalyze revelatory experiences requiring no effort on the part of the recipient, they only need to attend this lecture.

Do you ache for Enlightenment? Are you hungry for spiritual liberation? I know what it feels like because I too was once a seeker. My only goal was Enlightenment. Yet, I was separated from my own Enlightenment for over 30 years. Let me speed up the Enlightenment process for you so that you do not need to wait any longer.

I can explain what Enlightenment is and how to get it but more importantly is to get the taste of Enlightenment, because once you experience there is no going back to a mundane life.

Enlightenment Transmission is the power which grants Enlightenment and it can prove its capabilities. Nothing needs to be taken on trust or blind faith. My role is simply that of a coach, matchmaker and delivery boy. If you want to relate to the Enlightenment Transmission 24 hours a day, to drink from its nectar of bliss, then I can show you. The opportunity is all yours.

The Enlightenment Transmission is an intelligent energy which catalyzes revelation, inspiration and transformation. Like many before you, you also can discover the reality, the power and the beauty of the Transmission.

I am providing you with a rare opportunity to know the Truth and much more. If you wanted a chance to receive profound teaching and revelations then this is your moment to encounter the unexpected.

NOTE: First-timers interested/wishing to attend the Enlightenment Transmission Intensive on Saturday 15th Sept "Absorb Enlightenment Energy, Flush Ego" should meet briefly with Dave immediately following this event. Doors will be closed after lecture begins. Lecture including questions time will be about 2 hours. The remaining time is for meeting first-timers and those wishing to attend the Intensive.

Prepare your spiritual understanding and energetic receptivity by listening to live online classes and class replays on DaveOshana.com


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