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Oshana Energy-Work Class

Happily Handling Unpleasant Energies

Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012, 10:00 EEST - 12:00 EEST

A Deluxe Oshana Energy-Work Method Class Suitable for Beginners

The Oshana Energy-Work Method is not only a moving meditation designed to clean out the sticky, icky, yucky stuff of the Ego but is a way to handle inconvenient and uncomfortable incoming energies.

In this specialised Oshana Energy-Work Method class you will the experience the joy of evading, controlling and dissolving energies which present themselves in daily life and learn how to go beyond them to attain to your true destination of your soul: Enlightenment and the Soul's Mission.


The class will start with physical warm-ups to clear and clean your heart and mind, and ground your body before raising your sensitivity to ambient energies. It will be a deluxe class incorporating the solid basic practices together with some advance moves and perspectives of the Oshana Energy-Work Method.


This specialised Oshana Energy-Work Method class, two hours in duration, is followed (after a short break) by the four hour Enlightenment Transmission Intensive “Real Contact, Communication and Communion Soul-to-Soul” - giving happy seekers the opportunity to spend over 6 hours with the transformational Enlightenment Transmission.

Beginners are welcome to attend this class by itself and can also apply to attend the Enlightenment Transmission Intensive which follows. If you have never met Dave before then please register in advance to assess your needs and get preparation guidance. You can register and seek advice by emailing OshanaOffice-Finland or using the Oshana-Finland contact-form.

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