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Real Contact, Communication and Communion Soul-to-Soul

Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012, 12:30 EEST - 16:30 EEST

Or how to get juiced up on the Enlightenment Transmission from the cosmic teat of Creation

Leading on from the non-compulsory but nevertheless highly recommend Oshana Energy-Work Method class “Happily Handling Unpleasant Energies” (just a half hour before) -- you are feeling clear, clean, refreshed, relaxed and ready to taste some higher energies from enlightened contact.

Now you may thinking “Whooa, yeah! Give me some of that high-powered Enlightenment Transmission bliss juice, mama”! But haven't I always taught you to squeeze your own lemons (this won't substitute for the expression “teaching Grandmother to suck eggs”)? Meaning: you can get your own, always on-tap, supply of Enlightenment Transmission bliss juice!

Surely, if you have tasted, even once, the ineffable beauty and delights of the life-giving inspirational and transformational Enlightenment Transmission then you have wanted your own supply to get high. Now come on, don't be shy!

This Enlightenment Transmission Intensive is going to show you how to milk the Enlightenment Transmission love juice from the cosmic teat of the Creation. Enlightenment Transmission is always on-tap, if you haven't noticed, and it never runs dry. Now come on, don't be shy! You know you want it.

In this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive we are going straight for heaven's supply. There's a very simple break-out method which pops your soul out of your ego's protective swaddling and into the playground of life, so that you experience - live, direct and fully.

If you have been following my online classes then you will know that it is all about being engaged, You can get engaged to your soul and God, but if you leave out the other souls then you will be worse for wear. (Discover those classes: “The Destiny Contract” and “How to Fulfil Your Life Mission”)

And so, you are going to learn about real communication - get some and give some. Soon you will be doing it like there is no tomorrow (in fact, there isn't). Real communication wakes up the sleeping soul both within yourself and others. Real communication is soul-to-soul not head-to-head (or body-to-body even if that act feels great).

So, ya ready for some soul-to-soul action? All aided and abetted, supported and shorted by the one and only Enlightenment Transmission


This Enlightenment Transmission Intensive will be 4 hours in duration and will start 30 mins after the preceding two hour Oshana Energy-Work Method Class “Happily Handling Unpleasant Energies” giving happy seekers a priceless opportunity to spend an incredible 6 hours plus with the transformational Enlightenment Transmission.

You need to register to receive the Orientation. If you have never attended an Enlightenment Transmission Intensive then you should contact OshanaOffice-Finland as soon as possible to get advice and guidance about preparing for this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive. You can register and seek advice by emailing OshanaOffice-Finland or using the Oshana-Finland contact-form.

Prepare your understanding and receptivity by listening to live online classes and class replays on DaveOshana.com

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