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20,000 Year Legacy

Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012, 18:00 EEST – Sun, 9 Dec 2012, 16:00 EEST

Take your rightful place in history. Be your destiny.

Before I Enlightened, The Enlightenment Transmission was. It existed before Jesus was born. It preceded the creation of the physical Universe.

The Enlightenment Transmission is The Reset Switch which stops Creation from  veering into entrenched materialism. It is the spark which enlivens and awakens you – as it did for me. It is the only flame which darkness  cannot conquer.

You are part of a 20,000 year legacy. Your arrival and appearance on Earth is no accident – it is by design – and you are no less than the gods and messiahs of history. You live now; the ancient responsibilities to bring light to the world is with you. You are the hope of this world: a singular being standing on the borders of light and darkness. Only your life can tip the balance. 

Every second counts. Your immediate task is to understand your mission and to be maximally effective.

On this Northern Hemisphere Winter Retreat, which takes place on a secluded and natural sea island, you will crack the code to the enigma of your true destiny, capture your sacred vision and action your plan.

Your life will never be the same again; the old life will die away - into the icy ground from whence the true soul seed will sprout.

Welcome to life, destiny and existence!


If you are registering for this Retreat then you should be clean, clear - and empty yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. The remainder can only be processed by The Transmission.


To get the most from this Retreat you need to be ready. As empty of distraction as possible and full of vitality and creativity.

Self-preparation can take several weeks. So, if you want to attend then please make your intentions known to Oshana Finland as early as possible. Every year we have to turn seekers away because of insufficient preparation.

This event is life-transforming. The real benefits infinite, beyond imagination and outside of all form. When you know this place then you will be Home and my work will be complete.

An Organic Island In A Peaceful Sea

The Island - a beautiful pine forested island with neighbouring organic farming and beaches - and maybe silent frozen seas.

Organic, Macrobiotic Foods

Our skilled cooks lovingly create nutritious fresh meals every day incorporating Dave Oshana's energetic cooking principles and recommendations. Ingredients are local grown organic (where possible) or from recognised macrobiotic food suppliers.

Wild, Wild Nature

Pine forests, sea water and huge ice age rocks are everywhere. Local animal nightlife will be hibernating or making leaving footprints in the snow.

Spiritual Teaching & Excessive Amounts of Enlightenment Transmission

Teaching activities are determined by the needs of those present and the topics being explored - in addition as an extra bonus: Dave talking, Oshana Energy-Work Method classes, never before revealed guided meditations, deeply effective and incredibly lazy Oshana Massage Techniques, even more questions and even more answers, certain experiential exercises which cannot be revealed in advance without spoiling the surprise, energy-foods cooking (not so common on retreats less than 11 days long), lifestyle guidance, fashion advice (whether you want it or not) and mini-One-to-Ones.

This Retreat has one hugely priceless platinum gift - The Enlightenment Transmission - on tap 24 hours a day. Enlightenment Teaching is nothing without The Enlightenment Transmission. Spirituality is an empty casket without Enlightenment. No offense to empty caskets - the ancient Egyptians found them quite useful.

All-Inclusive Price

The price for this powerful week-long natural retreat is inclusive of all Teaching, Transmission, energy-foods and residential facilities in a live-in shared farmhouse room.

Travel & Accommodation Within Finland

Oshana Finland will assist with travel within Finland (mostly Helsinki), where possible, to and from the Retreat.

We are able to assist overseas students with short-term accommodation in Helsinki - good company and sauna.

Register Now - Limited Places

Spaces are limited and can fill up suddenly. Book or pre-register now. Prior experience of Oshana teaching is required.

Orientation will be emailed closer to the Retreat time.

Further Info

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