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What Should I Do With My Life?

Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Are you prepared even to die, if necessary, to be what you truly are?

I'm often asked by seekers, who have figured out that Enlightenment is not about what they can get but being what they naturally are, "what should I do with my life?".


Live Class. Listen in the comfort of your own home
5pm Helsinki - 3pm London - 10am East Coast - 9am Midwest - 7am West Coast

"What should I do with my life?" is both the simplest and yet most perplexing question a seeker can ask. As their mind grasps for the answer they move out of alignment with their Soul, the knowing part of their Self, and fall upon old and erroneous ways of relating to and perceiving Reality.

Asking "what should I do with my life?" is tantamount to asking “what will I do when I am fully and permanently Enlightened and Awakened?". What you would do when you are fully Enlightened, God realised, Awakened, Self Realised or Knowing-The-Everything-Everywhere is no one's business to either tell you or know in advance. My role is to get you to the door of Existence. What you find on the other side of that door is yours and only yours to know.

Whereas it is commonly expected that a Guru would instruct a disciple in the most intimate and smallest of details of their life, such a method can never lead a person to stand on their own two feet, firmly centred in the realisation of what they are.

Although some seekers have a fair grasp early in their lives about what they will be good at, I have yet to meet an Enlightenment seeker who fully understands and lives their life mission. It is not possible to be established in knowing who you are and what you must do on this planet, if you are constantly distracted by the worries of your Ego.

The attitude of a soul who knows what they have to do is that they will, if necessary, die trying to achieve it. This attitude of certainty is rare amongst the unenlightened. In the Enlightened Being selfish preoccupations have ceased, instead the attainment and expression of meaning is the highest value they embody, which has more relevance than all other pleasures and desires. Inner urges, desires and voices seem distracting and confusing except when the inner signal representing 'inner meaning' is clear and amplified.

Attaining a clear perception of who you are and what you will do in each and every moment and for the rest of your life, is what comes from moving out of the 'home' of your Ego or moving the Ego out of the home of your body.

In this online class, I will explain how you can jump out of your Ego's perception of life in order to know yourself and your role on Earth. I will indicate the difference between the Egoic and Enlightened way of living. I will show you how, more and more, you can know who you are and what you are to do. This is a massive, irreversible path which will lead to a cataclysmic change - not only for you but everyone else.

Note: This is an audio class which can be listened to on most computer systems. Prepare yourself by reading the Orientation which will be emailed to you upon booking. Lecture starts about 5:15pm (Helsinki time). Oshana Consciousness CD music (with Oshana quotes from 2002) starts playing at 4pm (Helsinki time) before class and at approximately 6:20pm (Helsinki time) the music continues after the lecture. Please arrive early if you are new, on a new network or need technical support. Total talk time will be a minimum of 1 hour.

Technical advice (most listeners do not need to know because they unknowingly have it already configured): Flashplayer needs to be installed and Port 8464 needs to be open on your network. iPad is currently unsupported for audio streams because Apple blocked Flashplayer but you can request the MP3 replay download of this class

An Enlightenment Transmission class is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

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