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Subtle Sex

Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2013, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Before the physical pleasure, the unscratchable itch positions awareness within an expanded field of unimaginable grandeur.


Listen live, in the comfort of your own home.


Sex may have created Existence.
Instead of enjoying sex for what it is, people tend to react to what it is not. Sex is a deep and mysterious force, which can be scary or exciting or both! The sexually scared person tends to run away or tries to dominate the sexual encounter, while the excited person becomes a passionate evangelist for libidinal linguistics and orgasmic Olympics. Sometimes sex is used like an escapist drug for its stimulating, addictively bliss-inducing properties.
But sex is far more than it appears to be on the outside. Sex is yet another powerful force that acts upon the human being, pulling and pushing it towards an inexorable destination. Like a master yachtsman, it behooves the spiritual seeker to become aware of what's yanking his rudder or inflating her sail.
Human beings tend to look only on the surface appearance of the world and so miss what is going on behind the scenes, when in fact, sexual energy can traverse the layers of energetic and material manifestation. The recipient can experience the beginning of Creation, as the human being is driven by the same force that has manifest all natural entities.
The sexual force, like an explosive energy, could have numerous outcomes and varied outlets. Sexual charge does not have to result only in frantic genital congress or a fizzle in the pants – it can be that but also so much more. It can be like a Magic Carpet that transports the receiver into a transcendental realm that is prior to manifestation of a solid existence. Sexual interaction tends to bring this force to the surface, but if the perceiver stays focused on the surface, they will miss the deep force that has created the superficial appearance.
Instead of simply following the sensation of sexual energy as it moves through the body (which is already progress), a fuller experience is to follow the sexual energy inwards, tracing it back to its source. Perhaps this is the meaning of Taoist and Tantric sex, but these systems are typically taught by the ignorant who are only focused on external skills, pleasure and control.
During this live online class be given tips and hints, reminders and foreknowledge to be able to identify the wisdom and direction of your sexual energy and its potential alignment with your Soul’s purpose.

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Note: This is an audio class which can be listened to on most computer systems. Prepare yourself by reading the Orientation which will be emailed to you upon booking. Lecture starts about 5:20pm (Helsinki time). Oshana Consciousness CD music (with Oshana quotes from 2002) starts playing at 4pm (Helsinki time) before class and at approximately 6:25pm (Helsinki time) the music continues after the lecture. Please arrive early if you are new, on a new network or need technical support. Total talk time will be a minimum of 1 hour.

Technical advice (most listeners do not need to know because they unknowingly have it already configured): Flashplayer needs to be installed and Port 8464 needs to be open on your network. iPad is currently unsupported for audio streams because Apple blocked Flashplayer but you can request the MP3 replay download of this class

An Enlightenment Transmission class is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

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