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Bringing Home Emptiness

Date: Sat, 25 May 2013, 13:00 EEST - 17:00 EEST

Everything comes from Emptiness, peace – even Life.

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It is Emptiness which we seek not fullness.

Jesus is reported to have said that He came to bring "life in all its fullness". But to experience all of life it is necessary to be completely empty. A teacup which is part full cannot receive new tea.

Life is experienced within the various "vessels" of the human energy body including the mind, the heart, the senses and the physical body itself. If these "vessels" are filled with thoughts, emotions, distractions or tensions then their inability to receive is impaired.

The modern person finds themselves stuck within a prison of the mind, a cage of the heart, the limitations of the physical body and the overstimulation of the senses. The peace, quiet and serenity of nature provide a temporary antidote.

Since a human being is really a Soul in a human body, its peace comes from bathing in the Light of Consciousness . Consciousness is the Source of Everything. The Source Of Everything is Emptiness.

The Enlightenment Transmission brings this Emptiness which the Soul desires and creates a way for the human mind to receive this experience. This dissolves the "false identity" which is also known as the Ego .

This Enlightenment Transmission Intensive takes the participant on an experiential journey from the solid fullness of the apparent world through the "behind the scenes" energy world to the Source of Emptiness, the Unmanifest which precedes Manifestation. As well as being in the presence of the Enlightenment Transmission, you will receive carefully worded Enlightenment Teaching which has been customised for your present life situation. You will also tangibly experience Emptiness within your physical body by practising the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

Beginners are recommended to apply in advance to receive important preparation advice. The best way to prepare is to personally meet spiritual enlightenment teacher, Dave Oshana, which can be easily done by attending the following rare events, all of which are free:

13th April – Space, Meditation and Enlightenment Transmission

4th May – Your Body is a Moving Meditation Temple

Alternative ways to prepare are a bit more complicated and involve completing the EPSAF form, attending Live Transmission Online Classes, listening to Online Class Replays or MP3 Downloads or experiencing Enlightenment Transmission One-to-One's.

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