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The Ultimate Destination: The Enlightenment Transmission

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Where else but within the Enlightenment Transmission could you meet everyone and everything which has ever existed?

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Listen live, in the comfort of your own home.

Don't concern yourself with spiritual words until you have experienced that to which they point. The motto of the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching is "experience first, understand later – if ever".
Every thing comes from somewhere and goes somewhere. Ultimately, everything came from somewhere and will return to that somewhere. This includes you and me. Of course ‘somewhere’ is not really a place. It never existed as a thing and all places will have disappeared after everything has been returned. This may sound pretty abstract but in fact it is real and available to your experience.
The experience of ‘The Everything Everywhere, The Nothingness Which Is Greater Than the Sum of All Things’ is mediated via The Enlightenment Transmission, which is the emanation of the Great Nothingness that I have often referred to as ‘The Insubstantial Unmanifest’. Again it all sounds abstract and technical but in fact you can experience it.
I am tempted to say that everything can be found in The Enlightenment Transmission because everything can be experienced within It. However this may create a confusing model. References to Unmanifest, Insubstantial, Nothingness and Emptiness can lack the warm, personal feel that The Enlightenment Transmission delivers.
When a salmon returns to its ancestral breeding grounds, it is home, not lost, and able to fulfil its purpose. Similarly every soul is 'found' when it is consciously within The Enlightenment Transmission. The soul has returned from being held within the fractured Creation where it existed within a divided consciousness – between that Creation and the Source.
Souls that return to the Enlightenment Transmission can easily find each other. If you easily want to find someone after this physical life then the simplest way is for both of you to enter the Enlightenment Transmission while still physically alive. Practically speaking, this means both of you become Enlightened, which is possible, although more complicated, because a second soul is involved.
This live online class reveals a less abstract, more practical and experiential way, which is the true aim of the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching. The Enlightenment Transmission is the ultimate destination and final meeting place. Discover the Enlightenment Transmission in every possible way while you still have time.

An Enlightenment Transmission class is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

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