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Free Enlightenment Day

Enlightenment Day: Will You Let Me Enlighten You?

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013, 18:30 EEST - 20:30 EEST

My only mission is to get you Enlightened


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19th June is a Enlightenment Day after 13 whole years of Enlightenment.

As is traditional, I will be celebrating my Enlightenment and full initiation into the Enlightenment Transmission lineage by hosting a special event in Helsinki.

Since the theme for this event and my 14th Enlightenment year is 'Will You Let Me Enlighten You?' I am interested in packing the venue with souls who truly want Enlightenment with no-holds barred, no doubts or  hesitations. If you have been attending Live Online Classes, One-to-Ones , Intensives or Retreats then you are certainly can attend.

Contact OshanaFinland to attend.

Listen to live online classes or class replays.



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