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What is Spiritual Practice?

Date: Sun, 19 May 2013, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Real 'spiritual practice' is nothing like what is commonly taught – it's unimaginably better!

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The term 'spiritual practice' has charmed its way into nearly all spiritual teachings with the consequent side effect that the most obsessive practitioner is presumed to the most spiritual and therefore the most likely candidate for Enlightenment.

The assumption that spiritual practices are necessary or sufficient conditions to gain Enlightenment is erroneous. But this does not prevent spiritual schools and colleges from promoting practice as their main curriculum. Practice is typically associated with the rehearsal of a desirable behaviour, but since the exact behavioural skill set of an Enlightened Being has never been accurately or completely captured, the truth is that there is no valid routine to mimic. Sitting like a stone Buddha does not necessarily confer peace of mind, a meditative state or Enlightenment.

Reportedly Siddhartha Gautama was not in a peaceful state, nor able to enter into one, when he first sat down under the Bodhi tree to eventually become Enlightened. That’s because real ‘spiritual practice’ is not always peaceful… but it is effective.

The idea that spirituality is something that can be practised is clear evidence that the word 'spirituality' is misunderstood. Spirituality involves the experience and acceptance of reality as it manifests, fresh and new, in that moment. You cannot prepare for it because you do not know what that next moment will bring. Your only option, which is no option at all, is to encounter it and discover what your response will be. If you do this with a pure attitude, which means wanting nothing for yourself (the false identity), you will find yourself in what has been termed ‘the here and now’ or ‘the present moment’. You cannot enter into a relationship with the present moment by predicting what it will be in advance, thereby determining how you are going to respond. If you perform this fallacious procedure then you will lose both the current present moment and the next. It could even be said that you have lost both your life in this world and the next. 

'Spiritual practice' is something of a misnomer; it does not exist. 'Spiritual practices' are associated with teachings, goals and activities of known spiritual schools. 'Spiritual school' is also a misnomer because spirituality cannot be taught. Similarly, 'yoga', which means ‘union with God’ cannot be taught. The actual process of becoming what you truly are, Enlightened and 'at one with God', involves the whittling away of your false identity. You are not increasing 'who you are' but diminishing 'what you are not'.

So what are so-called spiritual practices good for? They can deliver interesting and sometimes useful results and experiences that help you see yourself in a different way. However in of and by themselves, they are insufficient to produce Enlightenment. In order to get Enlightened, something from the core of your being is required. Practices in contrast works with the superficial parts of your human make-up, like your muscles for example, and while some of these experiences may be profound, they do not work with the core.

Real spiritual practice should be renamed because it is actually a way of being rather than a way of doing. During this live online class, I will focus on true spiritual practice – a way of being that gets you closer to Enlightenment. Leave your yoga mats and meditation cushions at the door!

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An Enlightenment Transmission class is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

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