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Enlightenment Redefined: Accessible without Accessorizing

Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Making Enlightened Practically Realisable Through Redefinition

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Enlightenment should be commonplace, the natural condition of the average person. However Enlightenment is rare. To some degree unenlightenment is a natural, albeit transitory and inconvenient, state. The newborn soul naïvely expects to find more of itself in the material world because the material world is essentially created from the same insubstantial substance as the soul.

After some time the soul does not find more of itself in the material world because it enters into an alternate reality, the virtual reality world created by the mind. Compared to the real material world the virtual reality world of the mind is barren and dry because it contains no life. However, the material world is not sufficiently satisfying because it's spiritual component is hidden from the mind. Consequently, the mind provides its own pseudo-spiritual entertainment as a substitute.

Enlightenment has been made inaccessible by the iterative corruption of original Enlightenment Teachings over successive generations. The ascent towards Enlightenment is available but the runway has been strafed. The airplane is the body, the navigation system is the intuition, the petrol is the life force energy of the body and the passenger enjoying the flight is the localised conscious awareness of the human being. The Enlightenment Transmission is the co-pilot.

A clear map of how to get Enlightened will allow those who want to speed up the Enlightenment Process to get Enlightened faster. If you want to find the Coliseum you can wander around Rome all day or, with the aid of a guide, you can get there very quickly.

The soul gets attached to the material world as it becomes enamoured with its own reflection, some souls are ready to break that attachment but have difficulty – like the difficulty which some people have in leaving a relationship which they want to leave. Support is required to achieve the necessary flight skills and take-off velocity to clear the runway. Navigational advice provides in-flight direction to the ascending soul via the form of the Enlightenment Transmission.

The term 'Enlightenment' needs to be redefined. Currently it is misconceived and these misconceptions prevent a seeker from realising that Enlightenment is accessible as an experience, attainable as a permanent condition and as natural as breathing.

Enlightenment over the ages has become occluded by fantastical accessories attached to it. Paradoxically, the traditionalist assumes that a simplified version of Enlightenment is a cheap gaudy fake accessory. Ironically, in some cases this is a valid concern, for there are some modern schools of convenience which are peddling a cheap unnamed version of Enlightenment. They have simply reduced Enlightenment to a slogan, which for the price of admission and the avowal of a simplistic car bumper sticker motto saying something like "Seeker! Don't do anything! You are already Enlightened!" they allow members of this club the singular privilege of having a permission-giving rationalisation to laugh at all genuine Enlightenment seekers.

This does not mean that Enlightenment has to have a brand name to be authentic. Indeed be suspicious of brand names – mass produced items for the masses made popular by expensive advertising often comprise of inferior ingredients or parts.

The conclusion is Enlightenment should not be defined in such a way that either makes it seem unobtainable or has been attained when clearly has not been. Instead Enlightenment needs to be redefined in realistic terms which allow a practical map to direct the seeker already on the road to get Home more efficiently.

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An Enlightenment Transmission class is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

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