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The 'Meeting You' Enlightenment Transmission Experience - 2-day Intensive in Mid-coast, Maine

Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2013, 20:30 EDT – Mon, 7 Oct 2013, 00:30 EDT

In the heart of beautiful Maine, go deeper into yourself than ever before with the awareness-raising, meditative stillness of the Enlightenment Transmission

Oct 5 - 1:30-8pm            Oct 6 11-5:30pm


Spiritual seekers with prior experience of the Enlightenment Transmission can take advantage of a rare opportunity to spend 2 wonderful days on a profound spiritual journey to wholly know their soul in this human incarnation.

Dave Oshana wants nothing less than Enlightenment for you. An Enlightenment Transmission Intensive prepares you for the huge change that your ordinary consciousness will experience as it makes its return journey back to the Soul. Are you prepared?

Each 6-hour day of the 2-day Intensive will be packed with practical energy clearing techniques, deep spontaneous meditative states, phenomenal amounts of awareness-raising Enlightenment Transmission and questions and answers. Every day will be unique and customized to the needs of the group on the day. The Enlightenment Transmission ensures that everyone receives special gifts.

Spiritual seekers who have already met Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana are eligible for the 2-day Intensive. But you need to book early because space is limited. These Enlightenment Transmission Intensives are popular because you can get completely off your face with happiness for the rest of the year!

To Register for this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive

Send us an email ASAP stating which days you want to attend. If you do not have our email address then you may use the contact-form.

Eligibility Requirement for this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive

You need to have met Dave. If you have not, email us ASAP to find a suitable solution. If you do not have our email address then you may use the contact-form.

Ways to Prepare for this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive

If you have previously attended an Enlightenment Transmission Intensive, you do not need to prepare for this Intensive. But for your own benefit, to access higher states when encountering the Enlightenment Transmission, it is highly recommended that you bring yourself up-to-date with the Transmission by meeting Dave at an Introduction event or by having a face-to-face One-to-One with him. If it is not possible to meet Dave in person then a Skype One-to-One is sufficient. If neither of those options is possible then attending live online classes is also good preparation. And if there are no live classes then you can listen to class replays or downloads.

These suggestions are here to facilitate your ability to receive and accommodate higher amounts of Enlightenment Transmission. They are not mandatory but they are highly recommended.

If you have never attended an Enlightenment Transmission Intensive then you do need to meet Dave before attending. If you cannot, then it may be possible to prepare by an alternative route but you should contact us by email as soon as possible. Ideally you would meet Dave personally at an Introduction event. In this way you can familiarize yourself with Dave, his teaching style and concepts, the effects and benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission and the group teaching environment. If you cannot attend an Introduction event then you can prepare by completing the EPSAF form and booking a Skype One-to-One with Dave. Alternatively you can complete the EPSAF form and attend either live online classes or listen to class replays. The EPSAF form should be requested by email ASAP if you choose this preparation route.

Hear & Meet Dave at these Introduction Events

Current Live Online Class List

Here is a list of upcoming live online classes: Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching classes

Online Classes Replay List

Here is a list of archived live online classes which can be listened to online or downloaded as an MP3: Replays and MP3s of weekly live classes

How to Request the EPSAF Form

Request an EPSAF (Enlightenment Potential Self-Assessment) form by email.

Dave Oshana’s USA Schedule September 25 – October 22, 2013

Details of Dave’s Enlightenment Transmission Teaching in the United States between September 25 to October 22 can also be found at the following web-page:

Bring the Enlightenment Transmission to the USA by printing a few posters/flyers and displaying them in your neighborhood. If you have questions or suggestions about printing and promoting then feel free to contact us by regular email or contact-form.

Further Info

South Bristol
United States

Full address and directions will be sent with Enlightenment Transmission Intensive Orientation & Preparation Advice following Registration acceptance. Venue is in the South Bristol Midcoast area, about 90 minutes from Portland, ME.