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Should I Eat Of This?

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Eating, surprisingly, puts the power in your hands to know or destroy yourself.

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Many spiritual seekers are wondering ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What should I do?’ but never find 100% believable answers out there. The real answers, of course, are inside of each individual; so frustratingly close and yet so infinitely out of reach.

How do we crack this seemingly insurmountable problem? Ordinarily I would advise a seeker to continuously move in the direction of what feels most meaningful and good – a positive approach – since negative approaches bring their own problems and don’t immediately yield clarity. However in this case, a ‘negative fence’ is invaluable.

To explain, we are going back to the Garden of Eden where, we are told, all our problems began. We need to interview Adam and Eve to find out what was going on in their minds. Why, after being told by God ‘Thou shalt not eat of the fruit, for on that day thou will die’, did our precocious ancestors do precisely the opposite? Freud and his merry band of psychoanalysts would posit all kinds of mechanisms. However, we could simply put the error down to a glitch in awareness or more precisely, a procedural lapse. Probably in the throes of passion, Adam and Eve threw caution out of the window, resulting in Cain and Abel (and we all know what a mess those two were). The epic disaster known as ‘the fall of mankind’ could have been averted by simply asking ‘Should I eat of this?’

Whatever happened back then, there is an implicit, valid spiritual instruction for all of us. You might not, with great clarity, know as yet what you want to do but you do know what feels wrong or just plain bad. Potentially you eat everything you come into contact with but perhaps you’re not aware that you also eat everything you do and think. This is how we can make sense of Jesus’ statement ‘It is not what goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out of him’. [Elsewhere and many years ago, I wrote about the spiritual hygiene and energetic diet].

So, having not yet gotten your life right, how can you possibly get it right now? You simply can. Inside of you is a Wisdom Channel. Invariably it works very well but unfortunately it hasn’t gotten much use… so far. However that’s all going to change. Now, before every action, you will ask yourself ‘Should I eat of this?’ And you’re not doing this simply to avoid ‘wrongful action’ but rather to strengthen your Soul Connection. Because from your soul comes the wisdom of how to live.

In this Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching live class, you will discover the answers to ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What should I do?’ in each and every moment. It will be a huge, huge transformation in your life. If this intrigues you, if you feel the value of what I am communicating and want to know more, then listen to this online class. You will get much more than you could imagine.

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An Enlightenment Transmission class is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

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