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Why the Enlightenment Transmission Succeeds Where Meditation and Spiritual Teachings Fail

Why Enlightenment Will Not Rise Out of Your Root Chakra

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Why Enlightenment Will Not Rise Out of Your Root Chakra

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Millions of spiritual seekers have been sold the line, or all perhaps the lie, that meditation is all that is necessary and sufficient to become Enlightened. Yet evidently it is not!

Aside from getting meditator's knee, a stiff back and sore perineum (from the posture known as 'siddhasana', which literally means 'perfect seat'), the enthusiastic meditator can only hope for stress-relief at most. The competitive and perfectionistic trend to become successful at meditating, as if it were preparation for the spiritual Olympics, typically leads to an obsessive-compulsive meltdown, which is exactly in the opposite of where meditation is supposed to go.

As a spiritual seeker, I did 25 years of arduous lifestyle practices centred upon meditation. For the sake of having what was known as the fabled 'good meditate', I gave up, or indeed never tasted, what were considered to be the basic pleasures of life. My prize instead was that I was considered by almost everyone to be an odd fish.

I am not bitter about the practices I did, despite the 'normal' life I gave up to follow questionable masters and their dubious promises that they could get me Enlightened through basic and often poorly taught practices. I eventually realised that I was happier blissing out on Jaipur Korma al Jalfrezi Chana Daal than pressing my heel against my perineum in siddhasana (even if that posture undoubtedly has its pleasurable moments - as it is designed by monks for monks).

There are many different types of meditation, most of which involve focusing. In itself, focusing is insufficient to bring about Enlightenment. In fact, nothing in this world can cause Enlightenment. During this online class, I will explain the reasons why Enlightenment does not come from things of this world, including practices and processes.

Certain personalities, processes and places are associated with stories of Enlightenment, yet it does not mean that Enlightenment can be replicated by copying the presumed paths of those who allegedly became Enlightened. Spiritual seekers rarely question their 'masters' and the practices they give, which leads to real problems.

Just after writing a provocative draft title for this class, one of the Enlightenment Transmission participants contrarily asserted that meditation might bring about Enlightenment. Many years ago I would leave the issue open because after becoming Enlightened it seemed that anything was possible. However the assertion that meditation is sufficient to cause Enlightenment is intuitively, experientially, logically and empirically problematic. In an area where there is insufficient data, one can only go on what one knows. I teach from what I know and aim to have you know before you hear me teach. Experience trumps words.

In this class, I will explain where Enlightenment comes from, which in my experience is not a physical place or person. The good news is that seekers who understand this reasoning will no longer need to supplicate and frustrate themselves before any worldly personality.

As you may know, I will not point towards myself but rather to the Enlightenment Transmission. I will explain how and why the Enlightenment Transmission is the only way to Enlightenment (that I know). This explanation will allow you to eliminate the many false spiritual paths and misleading practices that exist in the world today.

I only wish that I'd had the benefit of the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching and experience when I was a spiritual seeker. Well, at least I got Enlightened as a compensation.

Be prepared to make new journeys on your spiritual path to your full and complete intuiting of Reality during this ground-breaking live Enlightenment Transmission online class! Book early to receive full Orientation and preparation instructions.

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