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In Search Of The Enlightenment Transmission

The Transmission Of All Transmissions

Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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The Transmission Of All Transmissions

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The whole of creation is made up of transmissions. Recognising this is the beginning of an exciting, useful and powerful expression of life.

Transmissions are flows of energy. When two objects are connected by an energy to the extent that communication and transformation are possible, they are thus defined as existing in a field of transmission.

Transmissions can be catalytic. An example is sunlight that unlocks the ability within human skin to produce a tanning effect. However some energies and transmissions have no effect upon certain objects or in some other cases, can even cause damage.

Spiritual teachers who have any real power, which means the ability to invisibly affect and transform, derive their capability from either good or bad sources, which is either a true and authentic connection to their real self or to another agency. The problem with other agencies is that, like most things, they are subject to change. The company you depended on last week is no longer reliable today because it was bought out by an unethical company yesterday.

There's a line in the Bible that instructs the reader to have no false idols before the one and only true God. That means no intermediaries, no middlemen and no agencies. In other words, source your mineral water supply directly from the source. It will take time to learn how to find, assess and access your own supply of the living waters of life but a proper spiritual teacher will take you through that process, no matter how time consuming and onerous. There simply is no other way.

The Enlightenment Transmission is a unique transmission. It stands out from the rest. It does not come from any object or agency, rather it is the resonant energetic field caused by the contact of Source Consciousness with Manifested Reality. It therefore follows that the Enlightenment Transmission is available everywhere, from the tiniest atomic particle to the largest solar system. Finding a way in, so that you can access it time and time again is the trick that I'm going to teach you.

Journey with me as we go in search of the precious, most valuable Enlightenment Transmission. Book this class early to receive your Orientation by email in order to prepare early.

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