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The Evolution of a Spiritual Group

Individual egos to spiritual soul teams. Expanding your destiny exponentially through shared soul potential.

Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Individual egos to spiritual soul teams. Expanding your destiny exponentially through shared soul potential.


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Whoever said "hell is other people" didn't have anything to say about heaven.

From the spiritual perspective we are more than just people, we are souls, and souls look like heaven from any angle.

A spiritual group has the opportunity to explore this heaven but only by getting in touch with its soul – the soul of the group as well as the souls of each other. To do this, it is vital to know your own soul. In this way, you won't make mistakes such as assuming that everyone does or should think like you. The way you think is a shaky combination of random, idiosyncratic and conditioned. It therefore follows that your thought processes do not truly represent you, unless they follow your essential nature.

Unfortunately many people leave the content and structure of their thoughts to chance. The mind is supposed to be open, but like computer systems in the days before viruses, it is unable to cope with unremitting pressures to exploit and manipulate.

Soul Realisation is the return to your core meaning – a necessary sanctuary from societal confusion. But souls weren't meant to be isolated creations; like cells they are designed to join together. Like it or not, that is our destiny. We feel each other all of the time. And now is the time to make that association happy, holy and healthy.

A spiritual group should not slavishly follow the dictates of one person, whether they be alive or long departed. A spiritual group is living organism that has no definition – except to find and express its soul destiny.
Join this class to discover what you have been missing from your spiritual associations. Explore that ‘more’ that you know Life promises to bring.

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