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The Fictitious ‘I’

Just when you thought you were so right, something comes along to indicate that it has always been wrong!

Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Just when you thought you were so right, something comes along to indicate that it has always been wrong!

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There’s nothing wrong with the concept of ‘I’ until it is believed. To identify with anything that is not who you are in this present moment is to enter into perceptual error. ‘I’ is an empty concept, a placeholder, which only becomes meaningful when filled with associations. Since Life, including you, is always changing, no concept of you based upon past experiences is ever likely to be comprehensively accurate.

Accepting the ‘I’ as your identity is the beginning of accepting a continuous stream of erroneous labels, projections and false beliefs about yourself and others. This sets up a biased viewpoint that rejects real evidence in order to support its prejudices.

It is possible to return to an unfettered state of consciousness that existed prior to the appearance of the ‘I’ concept. The change is likely to be irrevocable because having seen through the evolution of the fictitious ‘I’, it is no longer possible to believe in it. A life not centred upon ‘I’ is exhilarating for those who yearn for Liberation, but scary for those who want to preserve the status quo.

The biggest problem for spiritual seekers who desire to experience Truth, Reality and Oneness is the habit of taking the ‘I’ concept into every experience. Understanding, determination and commitment are required to revoke this erroneous pattern.

Join me during this live online class to explore the fictitious ‘I’, experience profound freedom and determine your readiness for complete Spiritual Liberation.

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