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Developing an Eternal Relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission

Getting in close and deep with the Enlightenment Transmission

Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Getting in close and deep with the Enlightenment Transmission


Listen in comfort

The Enlightenment Transmission is my best friend – supportive, reliable, wise and always there. I always wanted a relationship in which I could completely trust. Now I have it.

The Enlightenment Transmission is here for everyone. Connecting to It is as simple as catching a snowflake in a snowstorm. Just put your hand out and it is abundantly filled.

The Enlightenment Transmission is like an ideal parent – always there and ready to guide and support you. But it gets better. As we ourselves become adults and parents, we appreciate our parents for their contributions. And as we give back to our parents, we become co-collaborators – their equals. It could be like this between you and the Enlightenment Transmission.

I propose that the Enlightenment Transmission could be so much more for those who enjoy It, either during Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Events (OETT) or moments of spontaneous presence, peace and bliss. The Enlightenment Transmission can be experienced within every breath in the sure knowledge that It will never leave you.

To get in deep with the Transmission, simply apply the rules for good relationships. Discover how regular association with It develops trust, continuity, ease and joy. The obvious way to get regular, deep and profound contact with the Enlightenment Transmission is to attend OETT events such as weekly Live Online Classes, One-to-Ones and Retreats. But that's still not enough.

I want you to have the Enlightenment Transmission in all Its fullness. To get close with the Transmission involves getting to know It, working with It and knowing Its purposes. This is how successful relationships progress in truth, love, honesty and equality. The Enlightenment Transmission is a very secure and fulfilling destination. But unfortunately for all of those who know, love and benefit from the It, not all will be with It in their final days.

From Its viewpoint, you are equal with the Enlightenment Transmission and it's high time for you to discover this. Share what you have and what you know about Truth and you will find the Transmission is there to support you at every step. The Transmission will hold your hand as you see the face of Existence.

In this Live Online Class, you will meditatively move towards an understanding and appreciation of the Enlightenment Transmission, which is necessary to make the Enlightenment Transmission your own. I will suggest ways for those who wish to grow beyond the child phase of simply receiving Transmission to becoming a channel for the most powerful spiritual force in the Universe. I will show you how your investment in the Enlightenment Transmission can become a full and permanent benefit and how to meet your loved ones in eternity.

Join ‘Developing an Eternal Relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission’ to receive insights into your friendships, relationships and the higher purpose and meaning of making connections.

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