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Life Before Death: Waiting For A Life That Never Comes

Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Can you bear not to live for another second more?

From observing nature, we clearly see that every seed contains a latent purpose and destiny. Given the right conditions, the mustard seed, acorn, swan’s egg and fertilised human ovum will produce predictable results. What then, are the necessary conditions for the soul to fully reveal itself from within the human body? For if it does not happen, then a person’s life is led by the body’s forces and external agencies acting upon it.

Inside the body, a soul is waiting to be born – to live, breathe and interact with kindred souls through the medium of the body. So how is your soul ‘rating’ today? Is it involved in your every choice and action?

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching exists to give birth to your soul, which would otherwise be forever stuck in an unlit bend in the fallopian tube of manifestation – a twilight zone between existence and non-existence.

You can feel this life inside you waiting to be born. Why then does each day go by without any movement in the direction of your soul birth? Can this procrastination continue indefinitely? The Enlightenment Transmission is here to swing the balance of forces, to move you out of stuckness and into unlimited freedom of movement. The Enlightenment Transmission is here to help you become a true child of existence, to recognise your divinely-mandated creation.

If the Sixties were typified by the feminist call to “Burn your bra, Ma!” then the present era exhorts each sensitive spiritual seeker to throw off their false identity.

Can you bear not to live for another second more?

This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again
Skyfall - Adele

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