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The Enlightenment Transmission in the Time of Jesus

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Now Open

Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014, 15:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST

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The Kingdom of Heaven Is Now Open

The Enlightenment Transmission has always been available. Throughout the course of human history, It made Its appearance on Earth through the medium of human guides. The most vibrant and accessible recollection is the Life of Jesus. Yet never has there been a more controversial, contested, crucially and critically interpreted story.

Like a sword, Jesus’ life story can be used to kill or heal. So it’s vital that we understand Jesus in the right way to derive the maximum possible meaning for our beleaguered civilisations and ourselves.

We who have tasted the Enlightenment Transmission and find It in our daily lives can find great meaning and sense of historical continuity in the Jesus narrative. Jesus speaks not of this world but of the world from which we came and to which we will return: The Kingdom.

How was the Enlightenment Transmission shared and spread during Jesus’ time? Are there lessons that we can learn to improve our own lives and understanding?

Through recounting and interpreting Jesus’ stories from an Enlightenment Transmission view and going on guided meditations during this live online Easter Enlightenment Transmission Intensive, we can understand ourselves and our place in the Cosmos.

The class may include a guided meditation and some Oshana Energy Work Method training to clear and enliven the energy body.

To attend Day 2 'The Enlightenment Transmission in the Modern World: Finding, Using and Sharing' of the Easter Enlightenment Transmission Intensive, you should have attended Day 1. It is unclear at this time whether there will be a replay/MP3 of all, part or none of the Easter Enlightenment Transmission Intensive.

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On this event page you may book the MP3 or 14-Day Streaming Replay of the Live Class at any time. Please note that Paypal charges an admin fee for payments made through the Payment Cart.