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The Enlightenment Transmission in the Modern World: Finding, Using and Sharing

Since we find ourselves here, let’s make the most of it

Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014, 15:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST

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Since we find ourselves here, let’s make the most of it

We will explore how those who experience and share the Enlightenment Transmission today are necessarily different now from those who shared It in the Time of Jesus. The Enlightenment Transmission intelligently changes Its approach to get through the fictitious identity and lift the Soul up from its temporary incarceration with a self-made hell (or rather, a fractured, egoic life).

Jesus’ ministry was about building bridges to wherever a person’s mind is, while remaining uncompromising about Truth. A similar approach is used today as the Enlightenment Transmission impacts the lives of modern spiritual seekers and those around them, however the circumstances have changed. The modern seeker’s lifestyle is less natural and suffers from information overload, yet there is more freedom of movement and access to teachings and transmissions. Consequently the modern spiritual seeker is typically ungrounded, uprooted, confused and bewildered. Grasping the simplicity of Jesus’ Teaching may be useful for them.

The class may include a guided meditation and some Oshana Energy Work Method training to clear and enliven the energy body.

To attend Day 2 of the Easter Enlightenment Transmission Intensive, you should have attended Day 1 'The Enlightenment Transmission in the Time of Jesus'. It is unclear at this time whether there will be a replay/MP3 of all, part or none of the Easter Enlightenment Transmission Intensive.

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