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No Mind, Awakening, Bliss, Enlightenment & Enlightenment Transmission

Making sense of the extra-sensical

Date: Sun, 11 May 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Making sense of the extra-sensical

No Mind, Awakening, Enlightenment and Transmission are high-value words, indicating the existence of highly prized states of consciousness. In large traditional groups, these attainments are considered to be rare and difficult to acquire. In relatively new and inexperienced groups, these attainments are considered to be natural states that are relatively easy to acquire. These extreme differences about such essential concepts indicate a spectrum of confusion. Does anyone really understand the terms No Mind, Awakening, Enlightenment and Transmission? Is anyone talking the same language?

As a young seeker filled with unshakeable certainty and endless hope, I was blissfully oblivious to the shocking realisation that the spiritual marketplace is a messy tangle of mongrelised concepts. You really are on your own unless you have a guide to take you amongst the market stalls so that you can make informed choices.

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching (OETT) gives you the opportunity to make choices by simply giving you the data, i.e. highly prized experiences and clear thinking.

When I first started Teaching, the words No Mind, Awakening and Enlightenment were used interchangeably in line with common parlay in the confused spiritual marketplace. Over time, these words and the states to which they point became distinct within the OETT.

Here are some basic distinctions:

  • No Mind and Awakening are not Enlightenment.
  • Enlightenment is a unique type of Awakening, which should be in its own category.
  • The aim of Enlightenment is not Bliss or No Mind.
  • Seekers can easily experience Bliss and No Mind when in contact with an Enlightened Person who has Enlightenment Transmission.
  • Seeking Bliss can be a deviation from seeking Enlightenment.
  • Bliss and No Mind seekers are sometimes trying to escape Reality.
  • Enlightenment is the seeing and accepting of Reality and your role within Existence.

No Mind has been a constant feature, a direct experience, of most seekers who have attended OETT events. It is so commonplace that it is rarely spoken about. In some spiritual groups, some kind of No Mind is considered to be Enlightenment. In the OETT, No Mind is recognised as having value, but my ideas about why No Mind appears so frequently and what its role is have altered over time.

For the first time, I will present this OETT conceptual development and the relevance of No Mind to you. You will get a better perspective of the whole spiritual seeking scene and acquire improved discernment about your own relationship to your spiritual self in this explanation of the OETT.

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