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Got Enlightenment Transmission?

Participant's are catching the fire of Transmission, what on Earth is next?

Date: Sun, 25 May 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Participant's are catching the fire of Transmission, what on Earth is next?

Are you interested in Enlightenment? Would you be excited to actually get Enlightened? Does it matter to you whether I have Enlightened someone? How would you know whether I had?

If you have been searching the spiritual marketplace as I had done as an Enlightenment seeker, then you will have discovered plenty of techniques that allegedly lead to Enlightenment. However you will have seen very few actual examples of Enlightenment. And in the cases where Enlightenment has been claimed, you are rarely allowed to get close enough to ‘feel the quality of the cloth’. In many cases the Emperor (Guru) is actually naked (unEnlightened).

But don’t take my word for anything. In fact, don’t believe anyone or anything for schizzle when it comes to Enlightenment. You’ll only know Enlightenment when you get Enlightened and then you will only know your own Enlightenment.

Nonetheless, you probably want some help assessing who is Enlightened so that you can maximise your ‘possibly-Enlightened contact time’. Many signs of Enlightenment-type guides are simply biased sectarian marketing (and therefore false). So let’s consider how we might supposedly ‘know’ that someone is Enlightened.

  1. They say so
  2. Their Enlightened Master says so
  3. Their followers say so
  4. They have presumed Enlightened followers
  5. They fit the criteria in some scripture, either literally, figuratively or with some reinterpreting
  6. They seem nice, pleasant, exotic, saintly, sacrificial, mystical, powerful, popular, charming, witty, sexy, intelligent or incomprehensible
  7. They have a cool name, uniform or taste in personal adornment or interior decor.

If you think about the above list for one serious moment then you will recognise that it is badly lacking in validation. Each route chosen to verify that someone is Enlightened uses someone else’s criteria.

But there is another way – your own senses combined with open, honest discussions. How else are you going to cut through the crap of obfuscating mystique and blind bullshit? Your senses don’t lie (unless you tell them too).

Have I Enlightened anyone? Well, some Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching (OETT) participants wonder if they are Enlightened because their lives have changed so much that personal suffering seems a distant memory. Should I test them and grant them certificates? I have little interest in doling out certificates, however testing is my thing. I love testing for Enlightenment, although I have grown cynical about the many claims to Enlightenment on YouTube, where it seems that all is needed is a camera, a candle and a lotus flower.

Recently though, I have discovered something unexpected, wonderful, warm and touching. Enlightenment without feeling means nothing. It’s a cold concept. But finding that the OETT participants have strong, potent and palpable Enlightenment Transmission is an incredible and significant discovery.

Previously, I considered it wrong to ‘out’, praise or promote any OETT participant who claimed to be Enlightened or thought that they may be Enlightened. I assume that every Enlightened person needs no introduction and can stand on their own two feet. However instead of fixating on the word ‘Enlightenment’, a loaded term, it would be more useful and practical to feel the quality of each participant’s cloth.

Last week, an OETT participant reported experiencing sudden and unexpected bliss and relief of a heavy inner burden. The cause, it seems, was another OETT participant who had said a few words during a weekly online OETT discussion group. Such cases have been increasing in the OETT community. So now it is possible to consider not only who might be Enlightened, but more experientially, who is being a channel for the Enlightenment Transmission.

The time is coming when I can disappear into the effulgent light of the Enlightenment Transmission as it shines through the members of the OETT! And so you can ask yourself and your fellow participant – “Got Enlightenment Transmission?”, then sit back to bask in the glow as your reward for asking.

Tune in on Sunday 25th May to ‘Got Enlightenment Transmission?’ and do some basking and bathing for yourself in the incredible light of the Enlightenment Transmission.

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